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Celebrate your birthday with a yoga party

For birthdays and celebrations

We create unique, exciting birthday party experiences for your child and their friends. Our parties are jam-packed with fun activities, but also provide tools and techniques for calming and relaxation. Parents are shocked at how calm and happy their children are when they leave a Super Yogis party, despite having had tonnes of fun.

We are able to offer add-ons for your party, such as craft activities and ‘party bags’ should you wish to extend the length of your party. You will be responsible for location hire and food for the party.

Please enquire with the dates you are looking for and your location. We offer parties in Surrey and travel to London upon request.

Everyone’s a Super Yogi, you just have to believe!


Enquire about yoga parties – info@superyogis.co.uk


Challenges help us grow. If everything was easy, we wouldn’t evolve to become the person we know we can be.


No Matter what we aim to do, we should always be having fun. Having fun makes everything more vibrant and we learn better when we are having fun.


Being grateful what we have is the doorway to receiving more. What are you grateful for?


Breathing keeps us alive. But have you ever stopped to listen to your breath? Try slow, calm breathing.

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