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we are Loni & Beth

Our goal is to create & inspire

Our mission at Super Yogis is to empower children to make positive choices for their own emotional and physical well-being. We’re doing this with education, fun classes and ethical clothing.

Our ambition is that every child around the world, regardless of age, race, religion or location, has access to tools to achieve greatness, both emotionally and physically.

Everyone is a Super Yogi, you just have to believe.

Breathe, Believe, Be Yourself.

Children are the future

So let's set them up for success

We are educators at heart. We believe in empowering children to feel great, regardless of physical ‘ability’. Our philosophy is that if a child believes in themselves, they can achieve anything that they put their mind to.

Beth and Loni, the founders and directors of Super Yogis LTD have been teaching children yoga and music in schools, clubs, days out and yoga studios for years. Whilst you can reach the children in your class and the hope is that the ripple effect will expand, the intention of Super Yogis is to reach children across the globe with the power of yoga. We aim to inspire, empower and provoke thought and self-expression in children through the use of breathing techniques, positive thoughts and stretches for the body and mind.

Our illustrations are all thanks to our fabulous artist, David Monroy. He has been drawing cartoons and characters since the age of 8 and likes to draw inspiration from everything around him.

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Co-Founder / Director
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